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The Chord Composer is an extremely powerful MIDI FX plug-in which enables you to quickly and intuitively create fully customisable chord progressions with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

You can even assign the Chord Composer to control your favourite VST / AU instruments! Simply add an instance to a track in your workstation, reroute the MIDI Output, compose your progressions, then hear them play back in real time. 

Key Features:

  • Fully Customisable Chord Progression Builder.
  • MIDI Sequencing for live DAW Playback.
  • Two Rhythmic Pattern Generators.
  • Full MIDI Editing.
  • Chord Triggering and Recording Within The Chord Composer's Sequencer Grid.
  • Drag and Drop MIDI File Export to your favourite DAW.


Create Fully Customisable chord progressions

Generate and audition complex chord progressions in a matter of clicks.

Experiment with different voicings and complexities in real time using the intelligent Chord Tranposer.

Assume the ultimate level of control over your progressions at both chord and note level.

NEW! Play and Record Your Chords With Single Midi Note Triggering

Play complex and fully customisable chords by playing single MIDI notes on your keyboard.

Use the Intelligent Scale Lock to ensure you only play chords which fit your key and mode.

Record your progressions within the Sequencer Grid, and then fully customise using the Chord Composer's intuitive Chord Editing.

Experience An Enhanced Chord Editing Workflow

Tailor every single note's start, length and velocity.

Use the innovative and time saving Chord Manager to quickly edit at chord level.

Flexibly apply humanisation of velocities to add a "human-feel" to your progressions.

Generate Custom-Made Rhythmic Patterns For Your Progressions

Use the intuitive Pattern Generator to quickly audition different rhythmic patterns for your chords.

Create complex arrangements using up to 16 chords with ease.

Draw your own tailored rhythmic patterns for every chord using the Pattern Designer.

Experiment With Different Chord Structures In Your Arrangements

Audition different voicings and chord types for your progressions globally during live playback.

Store up to 6 progressions in every workspace, and quickly switch between each one to fine tune your final arrangement.

Add Complementary Tonal Notes To Your Chords For Extra Harmony

Choose from a selection of up to six additional compatible notes to add to each of your chords.

Create fully personalised chord voicings with a simple click of the mouse.




MacOS X 10.7 and later (*25/10/2018 Mojave isn't currently officially supported).


Windows 10 and later.



AU and VST



*AAX will be available early 2019.

DAW Availablility

Ableton 9/10

Cubase 9.5

Bitwig Studio 3

FL Studio 20

Logic Pro X

Reaper 64

Studio One 3/4

Waveform 9



The Demo provides you with full access to the Chord Composer's functionality for 15 days, so we encourage you to try the Demo before you purchase a full license. We do not offer refunds on purchases for full licensed products as the 15 day trial period provides you with enough time to assess the Chord Composer's full functionality.


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