The Ultimate Chord Progression Generator Just Got Even Better!!!

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The Ultimate Chord Progression Generator Just Got Even Better!!!

Chord Composer - The Ultimate Chord Progression Plugin

We are happy to announce that we have just updated Chord Composer to Version 1.1.0, thereby making the Ultimate Chord Progression Plug-in even better!!!

At Intuitive Audio we continually strive to ensure that we not only meet our users' expectations, but surpass them as well. Whilst we were overwhelmed by the positive support and feedback following the initial release a few short months ago, we also wanted to make sure we built on this momentum, in order to make Chord Composer even better.

As such, the new update introduces some new and exciting functionality including Strumming and fully customisable Chord Triggering. We have also taken the time to reassess the existing functionality in order to address some aspects of Chord Composer which needed some improvements. A Summary of the most significant changes can be found below.


You can now apply fully customisable Strumming to your chord progressions via the Piano Roll, Pattern Generator or Chord Player. Adding Strum to your chords is as simple as selecting the Pattern, and setting the Strum Level you would like to apply. A higher Strum Level results in a much more pronounced gap between notes, and you can even get some interesting Arpeggiation effects if you set the level high enough.

 Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Plug-in

 Chord Triggering:

Firstly, all Chord Pad Rows can now be edited, including the 3rd Row which previously only allowed you to edit the Chords via the Chord Generator. Also, all Chord Changes made in this row will be reflected in the rest of Chord Composer, thereby making the interaction between these components much more seamless. You can also edit the Velocity, Humanisation and Strum of every Chord in the Chord Pad Grid at both Chord and Row Level, allowing you to fully customise the playing style of your chords.

 Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Plug-in

Chord Recording Enhancements:

We recognise that whilst the Chord Recording Functionality presented users with great potential for creating progressions, more work was needed to make this aspect of Chord Composer easier to use. As such, you can now record up to six scenes within the Piano Roll, thereby making it much easier to record your progressions in. The Chord Composer will also continue to loop around these scenes until you stop playback, meaning you can continue to create progressions until you are happy.

You can see why we are calling the Chord Composer the ultimate Chord Progression plug-in. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself now!