Introducing Chord Composer - The Ultimate Chord Progression Plug-in

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Introducing Chord Composer - The Ultimate Chord Progression Plug-in

What Is The Chord Composer?

At Intuitive Audio, we understand that generating and editing MIDI chord progressions has always been a time consuming and cumbersome process. This is why we have created the Chord Composer, a powerful MIDI FX plug-in which allows you to quickly and intuitively create fully customisable chord progressions in your DAW with a few simple clicks of your mouse. You can also use the Chord Composer to control your favourite AU and VST instruments, allowing you to audition and fine-tune your chord progressions during live playback. Watch our Introductory Video below to get a glimpse of just how much functionality the Chord Composer has to offer.


So It's A Chord Generator Plug-in?

The Chord Composer is so much more than a chord generator plug-in. It comes with two different types of Pattern Generators which allow you to apply rhythmic patterns to your chords. Everything in the Chord Sequencer Grid is fully customisable, so you can add/remove, adjust the complexities and fine tune the humanisation of every single chord in your progression during live playback. The Chord Composer really does provide you with the ultimate level of control at both note and chord level, and we are confident that once you experience the intuitive chord editing functionality, you will wonder how you have managed without it.  

Introducing Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Generator

Can I Play Chords With My MIDI Keyboard?

Yes you can! We recently introduced single MIDI Note Chord Triggering with the Chord Composer version 1.0 update, which means that you can now play complex chords by playing individual notes on your keyboard. Not only that, but you can also record your progressions within the Chord Composer's Sequencer Grid, and then fully customise them using the Chord Composer's intuitive Chord Editing. We have also introduced scale locking within the Chord Pads, which means that MIDI notes will be mapped in such a way that you will only play chords which fit within the Key and Mode you currently have set in the Chord Generator.

Introducing Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Generator 

So How Do I Create Chord Progressions?

It's so simple. All you have to do is select the key and mode you would like to work with, and the Chord Composer will generate a bank of chords for you based on these settings. You can also adjust the complexity and structure of the chords globally by changing the Default Chord Type, Inversion and Extra Note settings within the chord generator. From there, you can either use one of the Pattern Generators to start creating your progressions, or just draw your own within the Piano Roll. The Chord Composer also allows you to add up to six tonal notes to your chords, allowing you to fully customise the structures to fit your own song. 

Introducing Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Plugin

Can I Link The Chord Composer Up To My Instruments?

Of course! All you have to do is re-route the Chord Composer’s MIDI output within your workstation, and your progressions will start playing through your favourite AU/VST instruments. We have created a setup guide for every DAW which is included as part of the install, but you can also view it here. The Chord Composer also fully synchronises with your DAW’s BPM, Playhead and Time Signature settings, providing you with an unprecedented level of flexibility in creating your chord progressions.

Introducing Chord Composer | The Ultimate Chord Progression Generator

Key Features:

  • Fully Customisable Chord Progression Builder.
  • MIDI Sequencing for live DAW playback.
  • Two Rhythmic Pattern Generators.
  • Full MIDI Editing.
  • Chord Playing and Recording using single MIDI Note Triggering.
  • Intuitive Chord Editing to customise Chord Structures and Voicings.
  • Progression Stacker for storing up to 6 progressions in every workset.
  • Drag and Drop MIDI File Export to your favourite DAW.

You can see why we are calling the Chord Composer the ultimate Chord Progression plug-in. But don’t just take our word for it.

Try it out for yourself now!