Find Out What's New With Chord Composer Version 1.5

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Find Out What's New With Chord Composer Version 1.5

Chord Composer - The Ultimate Chord Progression Plugin


We at Intuitive Audio are happy to announce that we have upgraded Chord Composer to Version 1.5.0, which introduces a lot of new functionality and enhancements. We have added sounds and a Guitar Mode, and also made significant improvements to the Chord Generation Engine to make creating progressions even easier. We have also introduced the first phase of MIDI Analysis Functionality via the Chord Builder, which analyses and allows you to add and remove notes from your Chords in the Piano Roll.

Can I Still Use The Chord Composer to Control My Other VST Instruments?

Yes you can! If you don’t use Logic Pro X, all you have to do is re-route the Chord Composer’s MIDI Output as you would before, only now you have to make sure that you turn down the volume on the Chord Composer’s Sampler Settings. If you do use Logic Pro X, then we have created a separate MIDI FX build which you will have to load as a MIDI FX Plugin. 

How Does The Guitar Mode Work?

The Chord Composer’s Guitar Mapping system generates chords based on the Fret Positions on the Guitar, which allows you to create different variations of your chords by changing the Fret Position. As such, we have improved the existing Chord Matrix view within the Chord Composer, so it shows the current notes in your chords using traditional Guitar Chord Charts. This allows you to quickly and intuitively play around with different MIDI Chord voicings, based on the Fret Position you have chosen. The Chord Composer also comes with different Drop Tuning settings, allowing you to experiment with different Global Voicings for your chords simply by changing the tuning of the Guitar.

What is the Chord Builder and How Does It Work?

The Chord Builder allows you to add or remove notes from your Chords within the Piano Roll, and represents the first phase of MIDI Analysis functionality which we intend to introduce to the Chord Composer. The Chord Builder analyses the MIDI Notes you currently have in your chords, and tells you the Chord Type, Inversion and Extra Notes you have applied to it. For now, the Chord Builder will only allow you to create chords which fit the Key and Mode you are working in, but we will be introducing Modal Interchange Functionality as part of a future upgrade.

 Key Features: 

  • The Chord Composer Now Comes With 30 Different Unique Sounds For You To Play Progressions Through.
  • Introduced Guitar Mode With Guitar MIDI Chord Charts.
  • Created Fret Mapping, Allowing Users To Experiment With Different Chord Voicings by Changing the Fret Position
  • Added Drop Tuning To Guitar Mode, Allowing Users To Change The Global Voicings For Their Guitar Chords.
  • Improved The Chord and MIDI Editing to Make Refining Progressions Even Easier.
  • Introduced The Chord Builder, Allowing Users To Add And Remove Notes From Their Chords Within The Piano Roll.
  • Improved the Sequencing and Playback rendering which has drastically improved performance, and reduced CPU consumption.

You can see why we are calling the Chord Composer the ultimate Chord Progression plug-in. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself now! 

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